NETGEAR Router Setup for Cable Internet Connection

If you have a new DSL internet connection but with only one LAN port and you have a NETGEAR router that has four LAN ports that you can use for multiple devices you found the right page to set it up. In this article, we will tell you how to fix your NETGEAR router setup to work with your new DSL modem.NETGEAR Router

Here is how you can configure your computer, NETGEAR router, and your DSL modems in just one go. Try to follow the exact instruction so you will not end up confused as to why there is still no internet access.

NETGEAR Router Setup

  1. Start with all your devices turned off. That includes your PC or laptop, the NETGEAR router, and the modem.
  2. Connect all the necessary LAN cables to connect the three devices. Plug in one LAN cable from the modem going to the NETGEAR router internet port. Then connect another LAN cable from one of NETGEAR router’s LAN port to the computer or laptops LAN port.
  3. When everything is properly connected, you may now switch on the modem, the NETGEAR router, and the PC or laptop.
  4. As soon as they all boot up, open your web browser. You can use any web browser that you have such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera browser or even Internet Explorer.
  5. On the web browser, type the IP address http://192.168.l.l or if that does not work, try to connect to the NETGEAR router login page.
  6. Since you are required to login before you can access the administrator page, type admin as your username and password as your default password. Note that the username and password are case-sensitive so make sure that they are all in small letters.NETGEAR Router


If in case the default username and password will not work, then you or someone else has probably changed the login details. In this case, you will need to do a factory reset for the NETGEAR router setup. To do this, make sure that the NETGEAR router is still turned on. Then at the back of the router among the LAN ports, you will find a small pinhole. Use a paper clip to press and hold on that hole for about at least 7 seconds. The device will now reboot and as soon as it is fully working, you may now try again to do number 5 and 6.

  1. In the NETGEAR router setup interface, click on the Setup Wizard.
  2. Remember that the wizard can automatically detect your internet connection. So just tick Yes and click Next.
  3. Since we are connecting to an internet connection, normally it will display Dynamic IP Detected. Just click Next again. You do not have to change any settings that are already served by the NETGEAR Smart Wizard. That is unless you are an advanced user and you already know what you’re doing.
  4. Save the settings and open a new tab in your browser. Test the internet if it is already accessible by entering any website address that you have in mind like YouTube and Facebook.

That should be all. I hope this article has been helpful for you. If you have other concerns, feel free to live your questions in the comment section down below.